Club Fitting

Why Get Fit?

Your clubs are no different to a tradesmans tools. You need the right equipment to do the job, whatever that job might be and together we can assess how suitable your bag is currently and look at various ways we can improve your scoring opportunities.

A club fitting doesn’t always mean new clubs…

Retro Fitting

When we retro fit we take what you have and rework it into a more viable scoring solution for you. This might be a change in shaft length, a modification to the weight of the club to swinging it easier to increase speed. It might be adjusting the angles of the heads to improve the direction that the ball starts. There are a number of changes we can make which are more cost effective than buying a new set.

From Scratch

Arriving as a blank canvas with an open mind often yields the greatest outcomes when challenging club performance. When each component of the golf club can be tailored to suit you without compromise, there are quite frequently, very impressive gains across distance, flight and accuracy.

Brand Specific

You may be the loyalist who replaces the old with new from the same brand, upgrading to the latest model as direct replacement to your old set. When doing this be mindful technology moves things on and the clubs will behave differently. For this reason we should look at a full fitting in the same way as swapping from one brand to the next.