The Dreaded Fate of a Poor Club Fitting


Its common practise to ‘get fitted’ nowadays when you buy new golf clubs but behind the bulls&!t marketing campaigns of that extra twenty yards and the ability to shape the face to never miss a fairway players still need to put their trust in the expertise of a club fitter to give them the very most for their money. Here lies the problem…

‘Free club fitting available’. Interpretation: ‘Incentive to get you into the store’. A qualified club fitter has years of experience and understanding of head design, shaft characteristics and the technical aspects of ball flight. This experience comes at a cost and if you want the best, you have to pay for it. Independent fitters often have a far greater range of club fitting tools and time to make sure you get exactly what you need.

I’ll give you an example. I sent the same chap away twice and told him it was a waste of his time and money investing in new equipment whilst he was struggling with a back problem. Now, after the third conversation, he has a set of irons which protect his injury through improvement in his posture. Combined with a reduction in the weight of the club and he has seen a handicap drop for the first time in five yards.

I would challenge many of the high street retailers to do the same and look past the monthly targets the expect to hit.

I have also has the difficult task of telling a client that the ‘fitting’ he received at a high street store three months prior to seeing me was as far from correct as he could be. Standing 6’4″ he was recommended standard lie and length. Swinging a seven iron at 96 mph he was recommended stock, lightweight regular. Wearing an extra large glove, his recommendation on grip size was standard. Fast forward to his latest set being an inch over standard, two degrees upright and midsize grips, he can now swing the club in control with a shaft that is 50% heavier and a hell of a lot stronger.

The result – a handicap reduction of seven shots in four weeks.

Speak to an independent club fitter who has the time to give you what you need, not what they are tasked to sell. If they don’t charge you for the service then you aren’t getting the best.

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