PGA Fellow Award

It is with great delight that I arrive at the doors of 2019 as a PGA Fellow Professional.

Over the last five years since becoming an Advanced Professional, I have taken a path professionally that has led me to learn a number of valuable lessons on the lesson tee and behind the scenes in the business world.

Coaching for me is a huge part of what I do and as coaches, the learning we immerse ourselves in makes us more valuable to our clients in the quality of our coaching and the way we can relay modern information in the simplest of terms. Since moving back home from the Middle East three years ago players have won 5 club championships, 5 county titles, represented their country, and won 2 national titles.

A big thank you goes to my peers who have continually pushed and challenged me to try and stay ahead, to the Trackman team in Denmark who are constant innovators giving us the very best solutions to ball flight tracking that makes it so easy for us to validate the information I can provide pupils with and to the authors of the countless books and videos I have watched along the way.

2019 takes a new form for me in coaching. I have been mulling over the idea of less means more for over a year and that is the plan. Less pupils and more support. Yes that means less people will have access to services but those who are committed to improvement will have much more access to develop their games.

If you are one for the few who have already committed to developing in 2019, I look forward to seeing you there. If you want to be, please get in touch and lets do something great together.

Best regards,


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