The journey of a club fitting is often perceived by club golfers to be a 30 minutes to an hour with an ‘expert fitter’ at a high street retailer who carries all the big brands. If that is you, you have sold yourself short and are likely to have made a purchase that isn’t giving you everything you deserve.

We pride ourselves on customer service and making sure your club fitting isn’t a ‘photograph’ of your game. We don’t expect you to hit every shot well and we won’t spec a set based on that golden shot. We ask questions about your game, your physical health and look at your mobility to build you a set of clubs that work as hard as they can for you on every shot.

Our ethos is all around making you better and that can result in the recommendation of a swing change to make your current clubs work harder – yes we would rather improve your game than sell you a driver that won’t give you more yardage despite the claims of the manufacturer. Sorry!

Step One

Assess the need/what for new clubs.

What do your current clubs not do that your new ones should?

Step Two

Lets have a look at your current clubs and asses how well they behave.

What do we see against the discussion of step one.

Step Three

Recommendations. Where do we see new clubs taking your game?

Could we adjust your current set and improve your game whilst saving you money?

Step Four

Lets try some new head and shaft combinations.

Feedback on feel is just as important as the result from Trackman data.

Is it too heavy? Feel to stiff?

Step Five

Fine tune the feedback from step four and prescribe the best specs to enhance your game. Every workable piece is documented to give the final detail for your new clubs.

Step Six

It’s time to get your clubs ordered.

If we don’t build them in house ourselves we ensure the spec of them is exactly as we agreed by checking each club before it is handed over.

All new clubs come with a free health check after six months to make sure your loft and lie angles are still in good shape and a voucher for 25% off your first set of re-grips when things start to wear out.