I bet you don’t have a fitted putter


If you are a golfer you need to pay attention…

There is no moral to the story here, just sound advice that golfers of all levels should be listening to.

Putter fitting is a slow growing trend that needs a good kick into the spotlight to give it the importance it deserves. We spend hours hovering around greens; looking at slopes, judging breaks trying to perfect the apex the ball starts breaking back towards the hole at and honestly…. What a waste of time that is! Until you have a putter in your hands that will let you create the same result when you hit the ball time after time.

You might be the best green reader in the world and have Aimpoint and various other methods mastered but if you look down on that golf ball and the putter doesn’t look like it’s pointing in the direction you think it should be your stuffed. The first element of doubt is in your head. Do you step back and have another look? Do you twist the club head round and move it back again until you think it sits where it should? Do you stand further away? Closer? Tilt you head? Shut one eye? Both eyes?! Or just plain old hope for the best?

FACT: If the starting line of a putt is one degree out from ten feet, that ball isn’t going in.

The missing link to all of this is having a putter in your hands that is going to allow you to eliminate all the doubts and free your stroke to create better results. Chances are you know someone who has a custom fit driver, or a set of irons. I bet you can count on one hand the number of people who have a fitted putter and that’s a damn shame because putter manufacturers will convince you to buy a new one because it has a better feel than the old model or it reduces backspin and helps the ball roll faster but very few offer quality fitting package and that’s why so few of us have one.

But there are dedicated fitters out there who can help you. Seek them out and let them entertain you with the entertaining process of a putter fitting. We have greats in the game today that are encouraging and pushing us to learn more about putting. Phil Kenyon is the highest profile today working with the worlds greats. Sound coaching advice that can be delivered after that putter sits, works and bleeds to help you hole putts.

My advice; go see someone before the season starts and invest in your putter. Have it adjusted or treat yourself to a new one but don’t you dare pick one off the shelf without speaking to someone who can really help you be better.

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