Forged Irons – Too Pricey Nowadays?

We enter a new year and arrive at another launch cycle of new products from the big brands all claiming to offer more of this and more of that but what as shocked me more than the marketing claims of better golf without improving your golf swing is the massive price hike in forged irons.

The two models above from Callaway and Taylormade are fantastic looking and perform incredibly well in testing but prices for 4 iron through to pitching wedge (because no one ever needs a 3 iron with the loft changes to modern irons) sitting at a healthy £999.00 for the Taylormade irons and £1050.00 for the Callaways it leaves a number of golfers staggered.

Personally it worries me as a club fitter and retailer that prices are moving out of reach of club golfers to replace their equipment as frequently as the industry has seen in the past. We want to encourage players to modernise their equipment as often as the can but with an increase in retail price of 7 forged irons by over 65% since my days as in assistant circa 2005 it has to hit a point of rebellion and sales begin to fall.

Once upon a time the Japanese brands of Miura, Vega and the more talked about in recent months Honma under the steam of Justin Rose were seen as the finest crafting at the highest price points. Today you are paying almost the same across the board.

I feel the only saving grace to the golfer is club professionals have a far better offering of fitting equipment with radar and camera systems and a personalised service to create a relationship with the purchase of your new clubs than buying online.

Many now have access to the same 0% interest finance offers larger online retails offer. If you do decide to invest this year, make sure you speak to a club fitter and take sound advice.

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