The Fitting Studio

The fitting studio is fully equipped with the very best of technology to help us quantify the changes we are making to you clubs and ultimately your game.

We use Trackman 4 – a radar tracking system that is accurate to one foot at three hundred yards, so when it say we are making improvements there is no doubt we are!

A full range of shafts from True Temper, KBS, Accra Golf and Kuro Kage give us near unlimited options thanks to our assembly process in the fitting heads we can create thousands of combinations instantly.

And if it doesn’t quite feel right we can alter swing weight on the spot, if the toe feels like it digs a little we can alter the lie thanks to all the tools being part of the studio arrangement.

We have the ability to fit everything from the putter right back to your driver.

We pride ourselves on getting the most out of your current equipment before we start testing new products.

Make the most of your budget and get expertise and a willingness to help you improve.