Finding a Golf Coach – My Thoughts


There’s two ways to find yourself a golf coach. The first is find the closest club or driving range to you and book yourself a lesson because a coach is a coach right?.. because all coaches make you hit it straighter and further and of course your scores will be ten shots a round less without any practise.

The second is to seek out someone who can guide you to your goals whilst holding your hand and kicking your arse at the same time.

Personally, I think the expectation of a ‘golf lesson’ is massively skewed with the amount of poor, generic information published in magazines and social media videos.

We are armchair learners, watching coaching videos on our phones, flicking to the coaching section of our favourite magazine desperately seeking a solution to the first tee nerves and that slice out of bounds on seven that puts the fear of God in us on every single blasted medal round… but we aren’t getting any better watching and reading.

We aren’t all 5 ft 10 inches and as flexible as Rory. Reality is we are probably really inflexible, spend too much time behind a desk or sitting on the couch watching television mid week and we can’t keep that flying right elbow tucked no matter how hard we try. So why do we keep going to the same sources for solutions to the problem?

I’m talking about the whole concept of becoming better on the golf course. That flying right elbow is probably a shoulder limitation you have from spending extended periods sitting in the same position. A golf pro cant solve that but a physio could help. The example of good coaching here is a referral to a trusted physio who will feed back and give you the go ahead to make the swing changes that will keep you in play more often.

PGA Pros are amongst the most skilled and qualified golf coaches on the planet who have huge resources of knowledge and access to the very latest in learning and the ones who really strive to develop their coaching skills are the ones you should go and see.

Ask them about their coaching background. Anyone worth their fee will happily boast about how well his/her pupils have progressed and performed over the past few months.

I am proud to tell people that my coaching has helped pupils win county and national titles over the past few years. My experience in the Middle East has brought a new level of experience to grass roots development and I’m proud to say that the technology I have invested in over and above my own learning helps me become better at what I do.

Moral of this story; If you are investing in your game, do it with someone who has invested in themselves.

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