Club Fitting is an Art

Fitting a player for the right setup takes time and a high level of understanding about the player and their golf swing.

Don’t be alarmed to find yourself facing interrogation during the first consultation as all the questions will have some relevance to head design, shaft flex, shaft weight, grip size, club length, lie angle, loft, swing-weight, static weight.

The detail that goes into a true club fitting by far supersedes the current perception set by high street retailers.


Our Fitting Method

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When we fit you for any product it is backed by our guarantee. Follow up assessments are free and all iron and wedge sales are complimented complimented by a free loft and lie check after six months and a 25% off voucher for your first set of replacement grips.

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“It goes without saying, that Scott is one of the absolute best within the industry. His knowledge, level of professionalism, services and craftsmanship are second to none, for the past 8 years I have seen Scott continue to push the boundaries and set the standards for many to follow. In an age where many golfers are lost to the online sales, or big department stores and treated merely as a sales statistic, its refreshing that Scott, among the very few is leading the way, when it comes to service driven excellence as standard”. 

 Alex Comben ORKA GOLF Sales Director.

“I came to Scott with a bad back and a lack of belief in myself on the golf course. Time was taking its toll on me and I struggled to survive 18 holes, let alone enjoy it.

My new clubs made such a difference and some of the questions he asked seems trivial but they were worth it when I got them to the golf course.

I can’t thank him enough and he will be the first person I recommend to anyone when new clubs are in question”

Robert Paton    Kilmacolm Golf Club