Double Trade In – High Street vs Pro Shop

Another product launch and another high street campaign to help move more hardware. All good from the outside looking in but what if you want to go in and take advantage of the great offer?

There are a few things to consider here:

Cash price for your old clubs. Its the whole ‘we buy any car’ scenario. Someone is looking to take them and turn them around quickly for profit so be wary that you get what you deserve.

Are you getting fitted? There are plenty of knowledgeable people out there in high street roles but the level of consistency in training and product knowledge is somewhat questionable. My own research into this has produced some very interesting conclusions. A quote from one customer reads, ‘I knew as much as he did. The fitting was very poor’.

Customer Service. There is a hunger for the green grass pro shops to serve customers well and they are far more likely to show gratitude towards their consumers than high street stores. Better deals are often had speaking to PGA Pros running their own stores.

Understanding the technical with the tactical. Players come in all shapes and sizes. Some swing fast, some swing slow and that’s fine because the shaft flex will take care of that right? Wrong! What most high street stores will focus on are the numbers. Everyone loves looking at Trackman numbers and making ball speed go up but what baffles me is the massive disconnect between what the ball is doing and what the player is capable of managing.

Too many people drawn to what is loosely is a very attractive looking deal. The main message here is seek out someone who is prepared to spend time with you and has the tools and knowledge no only to fit your clubs but also your game.

Independent retailers will provide you with a far better service during your fitting and after the club is in your hands. Don’t pass up on the service and experience to a powerful marketing campaign.

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