The Want To Get Better

The want to get better at the game is something we all have. The right form of coaching is the difference between reaching your goals and not.¬†Between a holistic, non-biased approach to improvement, qualifications and testimonies you have come to the right place to improve. I don’t ask ask you to bring talent or skill – we can work on that. Bring a willingness to learn and a drive to improve and we can make it happen.

Full Swing Coaching

Full swing coaching covers all the fundamentals of ball striking and shot shaping, With your bodies movement pattern in mind we find the best way to get the most from you.

All full swing sessions have Trackman and Boditrak available.

Putting Coaching

Putting is the game within the game. We often over look the importance of green reading and stroke mechanics/ With our indoor synthetic green and our full size outdoor green we have a 365 solution to practise and improvement.
For full information have a look at the Glasgow Putting Academy website

Short Game Coaching

 Short game coaching covers the range of shots inside 100 yards. This is the real make or break area with a scorecard in your hand. Our coaching green allows us to hit almost every shot imaginable from varying slopes and lies.

On Course Coaching

The majority of coaching ideally takes place on course. Guidance with course mangement and shot selection can often save half a dozen shots without any swing coaching.

All on course sessions are held over 9 holes at Hayson GC, Kirkintilloch