2019. The year of holing putts

It has been a long time since I got really excited about adding something new to the business – three years almost to the day. When I started out as Head Professional at Hayston Golf Club in Kirkintilloch.

But this year is set to give me the coaching giggles with the upgrade of our indoor studio to include a synthetic putting green. I consider myself to be an early adopter and one who always has a nosey at the latest tech out there but this is one that I have let slip by like that 4 foot putt I hated as a junior.

Putting was never my strong point on the golf course and I learned the hard way after it was too late to make any money playing the game. I have however grown to love coaching it. It has been a rare opportunity to deliver a quality outdoor lesson with the less than favourable weather that Glasgow throws at you but I am delighted to say that isn’t the case any longer!

A new indoor synthetic green has seen me hit more putts in the last seven days than I did through the whole of 2018.

With the help of Trackman and their ball tracking radar system, SAM Puttlab and it’s amazing 3-D software along with a very well designed range to training aids from Visio Putting we have built a haven for golfers (and I include myself in that) to grow their ability and shrink the numbers of missed putts.

I doubt anyone would say they are incapable of holing more putts. Starting the ball on line is a critical part that almost all club golfers I have have worked with struggle to achieve. Working with technology lets us assess the suitability of shaft length, head shape, loft and weight to solve the problems far quicker than trial and error have and that makes it so much more fun.

Regardless of ability you owe it to yourself to explore the untapped tweeks to your flatstick game.

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